Ammerman Center for Arts & Technology Fellows


Ozgur Izmirli
Center Director
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Content analysis of music audio, music information retrieval, multi-modal computer-user interfaces.

Libby Friedman '80
Assistant Director

Art Kreiger
Co-director for events
Professor of Music
Composition, Electronic Music

Andrea Wollensak
Co-director for events
Professor of Art
Visual communication in new media, video and sound media
using GPS mapping and imaging technologies

Bridget Baird
Associate Director for Students
Professor of Mathematics / Computer Science
Virtual reality, visualization of mathematics, computers and music, and artificial intelligence.



Ginny Anderson
Theater History, LGBT Theater, Women's Theater, Children's Theater, The AIDS Epidemic in Theater and Film

Greg Bailey
Studio art, sculpture

Nadav Assor
Inter-media artist

Don Blevins
Information Services

Leslie Brown
Visualizations in physics and mathematics applications

Bruce Carpenter
Information Services

Ann Sloan Devlin
Spatial cognition, touchscreen monitors,
research on interactive wayfinding

David Dorfman

Karen Gonzalez Rice
Art History
Contemporary art (1945-present), Experimental art, Performance studies, Contemporary art and the body, American studies; contemporary art in America, Religion in contemporary art, Trauma studies, Art and ethics

Charles O. Hartman
Poet in Residence, use of computers in
the composition and analysis of poetry

Ted Hendrickson
Studio Art/Photography
Digital imagery

Lee Hisle
Vice President for Information Services and Librarian of the College

Shawn Hove
Dance Technology

David Jaffe
Actor training , Collectively created performance, Theatrical adaptation , The works of Anton Chekhov

James Lee
Computer Science
Avatars, computer graphics and visualization for interactive applications such as computer games, virtual reality environments, autonomous interactive characters, museum installations

David Lewis
Computer visualization

Stephen Loomis
Technology as a pedagological tool

Stephen Luber
Multimedia performance, Avant-garde and experimental performance, Performance art, History of scenography

Arlan Mantz
Physics and mathematics of music and musical instruments, Fourier analysis of tuning notes sounded by different instruments

Nina Martin
Film Studies
Feminist film and cultural studies, The impact of film and TV on feminist discourses

James McNeish
Computer music programming, recording engineering

Michael Monce
Digital imaging of atomic and molecular collisions, material analysis via particle induced xray emission

Ross Morin
Film Studies
Motion picture production, Video production, Film editing, Directing, History of the documentary, Cinematography

Denise Pelletier
Studio Art
Ceramics, Industrial technology

Chris Penniman
Academic Computing

Robert Richter
Arts Programming Director at Connecticut College

John Schaeffer
Coordinator of Campus Wide Information Systems

Richard Schenk
Dance Music
Composition for acoustic and electroacoustic instruments,
live interactive systems for dance accompaniment and performance

Abigail Van Slyck
Architecture, Art History
Gender issues in architecture, Vernacular architecture and cultural landscape studies

Marc Zimmer
Scientific visualization